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Multiple Healthy Meal Choices All Week

Gone are the days of eating junk food all week because of your busy life where you simply don’t have the time to cook. By visiting Nutrimeals you gain instant access to our quality menu filled with the healthiest food choices that Canada has to offer. We take health seriously and encourage you to eat a balanced diet— Our mission is to create a place where healthy meals and convenience co-exist. You can now eliminate unnecessary cooking time and have your fresh prepared meals delivered to your door within Calgary or shipped across Western Canada. Our chefs have carefully selected delicious and nutritious meals for you to enjoy every day. With multiple options available, you will be getting nothing less than the best food from our kitchen.

Healthy Meals Plus Convenience

Get closer to your nutrition goals with carefully selected meals that make you feel good. Order your food in advance and focus on what’s important while you wait for your meals to get delivered. Our meal-plans and delivery options give you the freedom to eat fresh meals any time you want. Choose from either Calgary delivery or Western Canada shipping. To view our next day shipping locations click here. The Nutrimeals team combines talented cooks and a nutritionist who design the tastiest combinations to create the healthiest meals. You're not just getting your healthy meals, but a convenient delivery option to a large selection of locations within Western Canada. It has never been easier to get high quality meals than with Nutrimeals.

Build your own: Customizable meals with a twist

We offer customizable meal options! Customize your meals to focus on your daily macros and ensure that you are getting the right amount of nutrients for your diet. Nutrimeals allows you to choose the ingredients in your meals to help you achieve your nutrition goals. It's easy, head to the menu page and select the “build your own” option to create your custom meal combinations. Build your own meals with extra vegetables and carbs or play around with our options that best fit for you. Affordable custom meals that fit your nutritional needs, so why not take advantage of them? Order your customized meal prep now!

Contactless Vending in Calgary

You can order our meal prep online and have any meal delivered, but you can also buy our healthy prepared meals conveniently from our contactless vending machine. We have implemented state of the art vending machines which are located throughout Calgary, Alberta. These vending machines offer instant access to healthy prepared meals in public spaces. Use our app to find the nearest vending machine, check out what's on the menu, and place your order for healthy prepared meals from your smart phone. Once you purchase the prepared meals, just scan the barcode generated in the app Read more... and the items will vend without you touching the machine. Enjoy the freedom of picking up the fresh food on demand. No delivery or fees required. It’s an affordable healthy meal option that ranges between $10-$13, which is comparable to unhealthy fast-food options and much cheaper than on demand food delivery services. Affordable, healthy, fresh, safe, and convenient... it doesn’t get any better than that! Use our contactless vending machine and revolutionize your eating habits. This is a no-touch transaction that helps keep you safe and is a solution to the growing public health concerns. Getting fresh meals shouldn’t be risky, and we agree. You can be sure that you can get a great less