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How it works

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Order your healthy meal prep in 5 easy steps!

1. Choose your meals by browsing our menu. Don't want to pick your meals? Purchase a subscription and pick your preferences

2. Choose your delivery day that best suits your schedule! For more information on delivery times please click here

3. Create an account to collect nutri-points and view previous orders

4. Place your order! Your meals will arrive cooked and ready to eat! Just heat for 2-3 minutes


One of Nutrimeals main goals is to keep food waste low. Food waste has a major impact on the environment, and we all need to do our part. That is why we need your order so far in advance! It allows our team to calculate what ingredients are needed for each day, keeping food waste low! Once we know how much we need to make, our team starts working on creating your delicious meals. We use fresh, local ingredients to ensure you receive the best quality meal. When we do have any ingredients left over, we give donations to the leftovers foundation to redirect our ingredients to the communities that need them. For more information about ordering from Nutrimeals, please visit our FAQ page.