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Custom Healthy Meal Plans

It's time to take care of what matters most: your health

We've created the easiest way to get started with your health and wellness journey.

Option 1: FREE healthy meal plan

3 minutes = custom meal plan

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Complete a short 3 minute survey and get a custom macro nutrient breakdown and meal plan that will help you reach your health and wellness goals! The best part? The meal plan follows Nutrimeals rotating menu so you can order the meals from your meal plan directly from us.

It's also FREE to get a custom made meal plan.

You're probably wondering, "what's the catch?" There isn't one. 

Our mission at Nutrimeals is to create a space where healthy meals and convenience co-exist. With this free meal plan we are fulfilling our purpose. Bringing you a custom made meal plan to help you become the healthiest version of you!

Do you already know your macros? That's great! at the end of the quiz you can modify our macro nutrient recommendation and enter in your own. The meals in the meal plan will change based on what you've entered. 

Option 2: Dietician Consultation

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Are you looking for a more hands on approach to your health and wellness journey? Shelby is our in house registered dietician at Nutrimeals! She is a passionate foodie with a love for health and fitness. Her vision is to make a healthy lifestyle more accessible for all, and the perfect place to start is with what you consume on a day to day basis. She graduated with her Masters in Applied Nutrition from the University of Guelph. 

Meet with Shelby virtually one-on-one to discover how Nutrimeals can help you. 

Swipe to see what your week of healthy eating could look like

Benefits of healthy meal prep

Healthy is the vibe, and we're here for it.

We know healthy ingredients are important to you. That's why we use fresh and natural ingredients in each meal. Each meal is created by our chef and dietician meaning you can trust that your meals for the week will be both delicious and healthy.

  • Feel great about the food you consume

  • Simplify your life and make less decisions - it will feel refreshing, trust us!

  • Meals have no additives or preservatives

  • No added salt and low cholesterol meals

  • Take control of how you feel

About Nutrimeals

Nutrimeals is a local Calgary healthy meal prep service and we pride ourselves on helping people enjoy healthy food! You do not need to be #fitfam to order from Nutrimeals, but if you are that's cool too. Our meals are balanced with a focus on taste, protein and vegetables. Having meals that are ready to go when you are will be helpful to your overall week and will simplify your life. 

Get started today with your healthy meal prep journey and we can't wait to join along!

Over 100,000 meals made for people just like you

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