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Dec, 2019

Calgary will be the first city in Canada to have automated fresh food kiosks!

Do you make New Years resolutions? Well in January 2019 the #1 resolution was - EAT HEALTHIER. A whopping 71% of those surveyed wanted to make it a priority. Published Jan 1, 2019

The Future of food is here! Calgary based Nutrimeals understands the importance of health and convenience and in January 2020, Nutrimeals will unveil their revolutionary new automated vending kiosks that provide fresh food. These remotely placed kiosks break the stigma that only unhealthy food/snacks can be convenient.
Not only will customers be able to purchase items from the kiosk like a traditional “vending machine”, they can also order on an app, which reserves the items and allows the customer to pick up at their convenience.

Quick and easy Click. Heat. Eat. Repeat.

The pilot kiosks will be set up and ready for service on January 8th in Calgary at:
Place 9-6, located at 940 6 Ave SW, Calgary AB.
Parallel Center, located at 1040 7 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 3G9 SW, Calgary, AB
Nutrimeals is a food company that leverages technology. Nutrimeals currently utilizes an e-commerce platform where clients order meals online and have them shipped to their location of choice across Western Canada. Nutrimeals continues to innovate in the convenience space, by adding kiosks around the city where clients can pick up meals, instead of ordering online.

Customers love!

  • Nutrimeals’ average meal cost is $11, which rivals unhealthy fast food options
  • If the customer pre-orders on their mobile, their kiosk transaction can be less than 30 seconds
  • All meals are fresh and cooked (no thawing or cooking required)
  • All meals meet Canadian food guide standards
  • All meals are vetted by a nutritionist
  • No cooking or assembly required, meaning, ultimate convenience
  • Delicious balanced meals like the: Chicken or Beef Taco Bowl, Mongolian beef, Shepard’s pie,Mini garden Turkey meat Loaves, and Dragon Bowl.

Community Matters

All meals that are stocked in the kiosk have a shelf life of 5 days. However, on the 3rd day, Nutrimeals
will donate the remainder of their meals to a local charity called Leftovers. Leftovers is “Western
Canada’s largest food rescue charity with a dual mission of environmental protection and hunger
relief”. Leftovers will then distribute the meals to those in need.

Find Nutrimeals

  1. 221 62nd Ave SE #150 – Commercial kitchen
  2. 940 6 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 3T1 – Kiosk #1
  3. 1040 7 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 3G9 – Kiosk #2
Future locations of interest include, but are not limited to: Fitness facilities, universities/schools, retirement homes, hospitals, apartments buildings and other convenient locations.
Grand opening launch party – January 8th, 2020 @ 12-1 PM (Place 9-6)