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Your favourite healthy meal prep in Edmonton

Why you're going to love Nutrimeals healthy meal prep:

  • Meals are always fresh, never frozen

  • Bigger portion sizes

  • No additives or preservatives

  • No added salt and low cholesterol meals

  • Heart friendly foods

Over 100,000 meals made for people just like you

plate of food with descriptions showing healthy meal prep and different parts of the food. Each meal comes with 5oz of lean protein, a serving of complex carbohydrates, and full cup of vegetables
a picture of a plate of food with descriptions that say, conveniently packaged, full nutrients, fresh and delicious, and eat healthy all week.

A menu that changes every 2 weeks

Eating healthy with Nutrimeals is EXCITING! Our menu changes every 2 weeks so that you never get tired of eating the same thing over and over.

Choose from a variety of different breakfasts, lunches and dinners and never worry about your meal prep again!

Meal Prep Subscription Boxes

Subscribe and save to Nutrimeals meal prep subscription boxes! Easy and hassle free meal prep. Pause or skip a delivery any time!

Tell us your eating preferences and our team will select meals for your meal prep subscription box. A true set it and forget it subscription that you and your taste buds will LOVE!

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Healthy meal prep in Edmonton

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Questions & Answers

Information hub

When will my box be delivered?

You will pick a date for your delivery before you get to the checkout. We will only deliver on the day that has been selected on the calendar.


Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Thursday: 2pm-7pm


Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday: 9am-5pm 

Where do I find nutrition and meal info?

Each meal has a sticker with the customers name, the meal name and a full table of nutrition facts. If you misplace the sticker, you can find the nutritional information and ingredient list on the second photo of each product. All of our meals do not have salt added so that you can adjust to your own preference. Please season your meals as you feel is needed.

When will my subscription be delivered?

This will depend on the delivery day you chose and how frequently you want the delivery to happen. For example, if you chose your first box to be delivered on a Monday, and you chose your frequency of deliveries to be every two weeks, your box of meals will arrive every other Monday.

If you purchased a 21 meal box, you will have 2 delivery days per week. Your first delivery day will be the week day you select, and your second delivery will occur 4-5 days after your first delivery so that you have fresh meals that will last you the entire week.

Why was I charged for my meals before my delivery date?

All of our orders must be paid for before we deliver the meals. If we don't recieve payment for the subscription, we wont send out the meals.

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