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Micro-Habits : Small Steps to Massive Changes

Hi friends! Today, let’s chat about something incredibly powerful yet often overlooked – micro-habits. In a world where we're constantly bombarded with the need for big changes, the concept of micro-habits offers a refreshing and attainable path to improvement. Let's dive into what micro-habits are, their impact on the big picture, and how you can start implementing them in your life.

What Exactly Are Micro-Habits?

Micro-habits are tiny, almost effortless actions that you can incorporate into your daily routine. They are so small that they barely require any motivation or willpower to complete. The beauty of micro-habits lies in their simplicity and the compound effect they have over time.


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” Lao Tzu famously said, and this couldn’t be truer for micro-habits. It’s about making changes that are so feasible that failure is almost impossible.

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The Impact of Micro-Habits on the Big Picture

You might wonder, how can something so small make a significant difference? Well, the secret lies in the compound effect. Consistently applying these tiny habits leads to substantial changes over time.


A study in the Journal of Psychological Science highlights that “small, incremental habits are more sustainable and effective in bringing long-term change.” This is because micro-habits slowly alter your behavior patterns without overwhelming you, gradually leading to larger, more sustainable change.

Implementing Micro-Habits for Change

1. Start Incredibly Small

Choose a habit that's so easy you can't say no to it. For instance, if you want to start "eating healthy", begin by adding one vegetable to your dinner daily.


Why Tiny is Tremendous: The idea behind starting incredibly small is to make the habit so easy that it's almost impossible not to do it. This removes the mental barrier of feeling overwhelmed.


How to Do It: If your goal is to start eating healthy, begin by introducing one healthy item into your meals daily. It could be as simple as adding a handful of spinach to your omelet or choosing a piece of fruit for a snack. What works for me is NOT REMOVING things from my diet when I want to IMPLEMENT SOMETHING NEW. Ten bucks says you've tried removing something you love (maybe love a little too much) and swapping it for a salad. Ew, David 


2. Attach It to an Existing Habit

Link your micro-habit to a habit you already do. Want to drink more water? Every time you check your email, take a sip of water out of your FAVOURITE water bottle. Something that you're motivated to bring with you every day. 


Building Bridges Between Habits: By attaching a new micro-habit to an already established habit, you create a natural trigger for the new behavior. It’s like piggybacking on the momentum of your existing routines.


How to Do It: Say you want to drink more water – make a habit of taking a sip every time you send an email or after every social media check. This way, the established habit acts as a reminder for the new one, integrating it smoothly into your daily routine.


3. Celebrate Small Wins

Acknowledging your small successes can be hugely motivating. Every time you complete your micro-habit, give yourself a mental high five, or a “yay me!” This positive reinforcement is crucial.


The Power of Positive Reinforcement: Celebrating small achievements provides immediate satisfaction and reinforces the behavior you want to continue. It’s about giving yourself a pat on the back for the little victories.


How to Do It: Did you choose a wholesome, balanced meal over greasy fast food for lunch? Celebrate that choice! It could be as simple as a mental acknowledgment, a checkmark on a calendar, or treating yourself to your favourite reward (within reason.) These mini-celebrations boost your morale and keep you motivated.


4. Be Consistent

The key to success with micro-habits is consistency. Do it every day, and it will soon become second nature. Remember, it's the regularity that counts, not the size of the habit.


Consistency is Key: The effectiveness of micro-habits lies in their regularity. The more consistently you perform a habit, the more likely it is to stick and become a natural part of your routine.


How to Do It: Set a daily reminder for your micro-habit. Whether it’s stretching for five minutes every morning or writing down one thing you’re grateful for each night, doing it consistently at the same time or situation helps cement the habit.


5. Gradually Build Up

Once a micro-habit becomes a part of your routine, you can build on it. For example, add more vegetables to your dinner, or have them for a snack.


Scaling Up Slowly: Once a micro-habit has been successfully integrated into your routine, you can start to build upon it. The gradual increase prevents you from feeling overwhelmed.


How to Do It: If you started with the first habit of wanting to eat healthy, and you're happy with the micro-habit you've created, expand on it! Slowly increase the amount of healthy food you consume that is achievable.


6. Be Patient and Realistic

Change doesn't happen overnight. Be patient with yourself and realistic about your progress. Celebrate the journey, not just the destination.


Embracing the Journey: Remember, change takes time. Being patient with your progress and setting realistic expectations are essential for not getting discouraged.


How to Do It: Acknowledge that forming new habits is a process. There will be good days and challenging days. Celebrate the journey of growth and self-improvement, rather than just fixating on the end goal.

Micro-Habits in Action

Eating Healthy

Use a meal prep company to supply healthy, high protein and portioned meals to eat a few times per week. This small change can lead to a complete transformation in your eating habits over time.



If exercising more is your goal, start with doing an exercise of your choice 1-2x per week. It's a small step that can pave the way for a more active lifestyle.



To become more mindful, begin by taking three deep breaths each time you open a new browser tab. It's a tiny act but can significantly increase your mindfulness throughout the day.

Micro-habits are about embracing the philosophy that small is mighty. It's about understanding that the smallest actions, when done consistently, can lead to the most profound changes. So, why not start today? Pick one micro-habit and begin your journey towards sustainable change. Remember, every great achievement starts with a small step. Let’s make those steps count!

Now that you're armed with these detailed steps, remember that the journey of micro-habits is unique and personal. Feel free to tweak these steps to suit your lifestyle and goals. And most importantly, have fun with it! These tiny changes are not just about reaching a destination but also about enjoying the journey. Embrace each small step, and watch as they lead to significant transformations in your life. Let's make those micro-habits count and turn them into the building blocks of a happier, healthier you!

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