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Curiocity Calgary Repost September 9th 2020

Calgary Just Got Canada’s 1st Phone-Activated Contactless Vending Machines

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So you’re back at the office now and you’re hungry, but have several meetings today and are unable to leave the building for a bite, food delivery fees are astronomical around noon, and also, now thanks to COVID you’re a total germaphobe, so that shared vending machine down the hall is no longer an option… or is it? Nutrimeals, an Alberta-based company, has just launched Canada’s ‘first of its kind’, contactless vending machine, basically solving a catalogue of 2020 problems.

The company itself was actually founded three years ago (way before coronavirus) while owners Sam Hale and Grace Clark were attending school at the University of Lethbridge as a sort of smart-food subscription company.

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Time’s have since changed, and now – instead of ordering online and having to wait for food to arrive at your door, a Nutrimeal will be available instantly only steps away and can be ordered on your smartphone!

Vending machines full of healthy meals will be placed remotely, and users will be able to access the kiosk’s full inventory on an app. “The app has a unique reservation system where the user can purchase items and pick them up by scanning a bar-code,” Hale told Business Insider. “The only thing the customer touches are the items that they are purchasing,”

So far, the company has only placed two vending machines, both in downtown Calgary. We can’t confirm that thee will be more to come in the future but our fingers are crossed! The future is tasty, folks – and it’s sanitary!


Where: 940 6th Ave SW, and 1040 7th Ave SW, Calgary

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