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Automated Kiosks

Nutrimeals is thrilled to introduce the first fresh food kiosk of its kind in Canada. Here is the first exclusive look at the future of fast, convenient and fresh food. Nutrimeals products will be available in the kiosks starting in January 2020.

No more line ups. No more heavy food-court options. No more snagging the lunch-room granola bars to tied you over until lunch or dinner.

How you can use the kiosks.

  • Simply walk up to the kiosk and browse the available options. Select the meals you want (hint: each transaction can vend a max of 3 meals.) Scan your phone and watch the magic happen.
  • Create a profile and log into the Nutrimeals app (launching soon!) From there select the kiosk you want to pick up from on the map. View the available meal selections and make your order on your phone. Pay and your meals will be reserved for 3 hours max. When you are ready to pick up your meals, simply scan the barcode from the app and your meals will vend in seconds.

You now have 24/7/365 access to balanced, delicious, and fully prepared meals! Nutrimeals is taking an automation perspective to the meal prep industry and our team cannot wait to see where this opportunity takes us.

“Creating a space where healthy meals and convenience co-exist.”

Nutrimeals co-founder Grace Clark

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