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4 Diet Resolutions You Can Make for the New Year

Ways to stay on top of your diet

Let’s talk about transforming your New Year’s Resolution into a lifestyle that will become a lifelong habit. A new year marks a fresh start for many looking to improve their health. Now that we are a few months into the new year, this is a good time to evaluate those resolutions.

Unfortunately, rather than trying to develop new habits, many people make the mistake of engaging in unsustainable crash diets. As a result, this “all-or-nothing” mentality leads to quickly falling victim to temptation, which then leads to breaking resolutions after only a few weeks.

What if improving your health is something you could do all year round?

As Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit”.

Imagine how you will feel when you stick to your goals, and in the meantime shed a few pounds. Here are some simple resolutions you can make this year to help you transform your health and wellness.

Cut back sugary foods and sweetened beverages

While there is nothing wrong with treating yourself occasionally, a lifestyle of consuming sugary foods on a regular basis can raise risks of obesity, heart disease, a fatty liver, an insulin resistance, and cavities. Additionally, studies show that sugar can be as addictive as drugs like nicotine or cocaine.

To improve your overall health, consider making an effort to cut back on sweets.

Instead of going cold turkey, try to reduce it to a small treat once or twice a week. After a while, your body will begin to crave less sugar.

Cook more fresh meals at home

Fast food can be tasty and convenient, especially when you don’t have time to cook your own meals. However, relying on them too much can cause detrimental effects to your health.

Consuming foods that are high in processed ingredients and cholesterol can lead to increased risks of obesity diabetes, and strokes. Avoid these risks by purchasing healthy ingredients and prepare more meals at home. If your time is limited, consider prepping food in advance or seek out a meal prep delivery service to help you maintain a healthy diet.

Limit your alcohol intake

Drinking alcohol can be a fun social activity that helps strengthen bonds with others and there’s nothing wrong with having alcohol in moderation. However, regularly indulging in alcoholic drinks regularly can negatively impact your health.

Alcohol is calorically dense, and when mixed with other ingredients, will also be high in sugar.

Not to mention there are a slew of long-term health effects that alcohol is associated with.

With that being said, consider limiting alcohol to one glass per week maximum or only on special occasions.

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Avoid restrictive dieting

Those who try a new strict diet may end up relapsing to old unhealthy eating habits. This is because restrictive diets that promise fast results are usually unattainable. As a result, people will lose weight at first, only to then regain some of the weight after not sticking to the plan.

Chronic dieting can be harmful to your physical and mental health. Instead of trying to lose weight by restricting certain foods and drinks from your diet right away, explore healthier and more sustainable methods of weight loss.

A good mindset to have is to not think about it as “going on a diet.” Instead, think about it in terms of altering your habits/lifestyle, permanently.

For instance, try focusing on one thing at a time. This could be following portion control, eating healthier, or increasing your physical activity. Once you can sustain this change, implement a new goal. You can also try Nutrimeals meal delivery in Canada if you are looking for balanced meals to help you reach your goals.

Most New Year’s resolutions last less than 2 weeks.

But, if you apply these tips, you will have a much easier time achieving your health and diet goals. Since they are sustainable, you can improve your overall well-being not only for this year but for many years to come. Become the healthiest version of yourself this year with Nutrimeals, where you can get fresh, healthy meals delivered right to your door.

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