Pick Your Own Meal Prep Journey

Choose Your Own Meal Prep

This option allows you to pick your own prepared meals from our current menu and have them delivered one time. You can come back next week and order again! Our menu rotates monthly, therefore there is always something new to try. If your favourite meal is missing, check back in a few months and it might make another appearance!                          

Prepared Meal Subscription

Your meal prepping routine is about to get a whole lot easier! With our new subscription service, you no longer have to worry about cooking or meal prepping for the week. Simply share your food preferences, and leave it to us to plan out your week. Choose how often you would like your deliveries to reoccur, and your meals will arrive on your doorstep, ready to eat!

Healthy Meal Planning

Whatever your personal goals may be, our dietary service is here to guide you. Simply purchase your consultation and share your personal goals, lifestyle, and eating preferences with our dietician and let us do the rest of the work! You choose your preferences and we will customize your meals to best fit your lifestyle and goals.      

"All their meals are nutritious and delicious, their app makes it a super easy process and you won’t be disappointed!"

Britni & Andreas

"Having your food prepared for your entire week is the best and easiest way to reach your nutrition goals."


"I’ve essentially eliminated hours and hours of my week that I'd otherwise be shopping, cooking, cleaning and I can now spend those hours doing things that I love to do."


"Having some yummy meals from Nutrimeals for a few nights are perfect for when it’s my time to cook 😉"


About Nurtimeals

Just like you, health & convenience is important to us. We are a Calgary based meal prep company, making delicious and nutritious meals delivered straight to your door.

We source the best local ingredients from BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, rotating our menu on a monthly basis. Enjoy every bite, stay healthy & hearty.

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