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"Do you have a hard time meal prepping? Don’t like cooking? Forgot your lunch at home? Nutrimeals has your back! They offer contactless delivery in Calgary and also ship to 𝐀𝐁,𝐒𝐊, & 𝐁𝐂⁣ All their meals are nutritious and delicious, their app makes it a super easy process and you won’t be disappointed!

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“The best thing about nutrimeals delivery day is knowing that when that box arrives at my front door, I’ve essentially eliminated hours and hours of my week that I'd otherwise be shopping, cooking , cleaning and I can now spend those hours doing things that I love to do.”

  • Jill C

“Having some yummy meals from Nutrimeals for a few nights are perfect for when it’s my time to cook 😉

Nutrimeals is a local YYC meal delivery service who produces many different individual meal size options for families. We tried 5 of their meals and my fav by far is the butter chicken and Andres is the sirloin steak and veggies! Mila and lulu’s fav is everything and anything

Bonus: They ship across Alberta and BC (and Calgary of course) - right to your front door.”

Best sellers

Sundried Tomato Frittata

Grilled Pesto Chicken

Pulled Pork

Egyptian Beef and Rice Bowl

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