Calgary based meal prep company, Nutrimeals launches new meal subscription box.

Calgary, AB Oct 1, 2021 – As one of Alberta’s leading healthy meal services, Nutrimeals is pleased to announce the expansion of their product line to include a subscription service. Nutrimeals is on a mission to create a platform where healthy meals and convenience co-exist. The addition of a weekly subscription to their ready to eat meals, will elevate their mission.


“This has been in the works for a very long time, and the Nutrimeals team is so excited to finally share this with our customers!” said Grace Clark, Co-Founder of Nutrimeals. The subscription box comes with 10 ready to eat meals for the client to enjoy throughout the week. Customers will update their customer profile with their eating preferences, choose their frequency of delivery, select their delivery day, and the Nutrimeals team does the rest. The 10-meal box is a click and forget solution for the customer, allowing them to fully appreciate the convenience of a subscription service. Nutrimeals is excited to offer this service to their customers, as this subscription service gives Nutrimeals an advantage in the market. You can get started with your subscription here.

About Nutrimeals

Nutrimeals is a Food Tech company located in Calgary, Alberta specializing in offering healthy meal solutions directly to the consumer. In addition to their ecommerce platform and vending machines, Nutrimeals offers customized dietary support. Nutrimeals was the first food company to leverage a mobile app to enable contactless purchasing at a vending machine. Nutrimeals goal is to help customers enhance their healthy eating routine and make it as easy and as convenient as possible. Whether you're working long hours at the office, from home, or the job site Nutrimeals healthy and fresh meals will be of use to you.


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