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Hello, and Welcome!

You did it! You have made the first step to changing your life! Okay maybe not as dramatic as changing your entire life, but in a sense you kind of are? I'll break it down for you in this post, so let me explain. Nutrimeals is designed to change the way people eat and think about food. It's 2017 and everything is centred around "is it convenient?" well my answer for you is, YES.

I'm going to estimate on this, but the average person, depending on family size, spends... WAY too much time grocery shopping, cooking, and eating. When I was living on my own and going to school I would spend probably 6-7 hours/week going to the grocery store, cooking, prepping, you name it, I did it all. But that was just for me! I really enjoyed the idea of "prepping" my meals so that I could simply grab and go. I was a full time student, working part time, on a fitness program, and tried to have enough time for the rest of my life. Cooking/prepping seemed inconvenient but what other choice did I have? I'm not one to eat out often. And I can easily acknowledge that being a young student going after my undergrad was probably one of the easier moments in my life. I didn't have crazy financial debt, or mouths to feed but my own, no kids to take to school/day care, no full time job (although I made school my full time job), life was good! But thats also because I made it good (another post about that coming later). 

Anyways, my guess is that you spend too much time cooking, prepping, whatever you want to call it. And that is where Nutrimeals comes in to save the day. As a team, we want to give you back all those hours spent in the grocery store, listening to a toddler cry because her dad wont let her have those pizza pops. All those hours cooking AND might I add cleaning? Because that's a whole new battle in itself. Picture yourself on a Sunday night, your doorbell rings and its Superman with your meals for the week. Its nice right? No grocery store, no cooking, and no cleaning! Only down side is that it wont be Henry Cavill and there might not be a Superman suit involved. But I can promise you that you will have your meals all cooked, portioned, with proper macronutrient information, ready to go in your fridge. 

I'll keep this one short and simple, but trust me when I say that Nutrimeals is here to help you. All the best and happy eating! 


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